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Breaking Stereotypes


40 Ashley Meachem

Ashley Meachem, 20: “I aspire to create change. To leave a mark somewhere in the world where people will remember me for generations and my future descendants will be proud to share my last name. I just want to be memorialized.”

39 Ashley Rouse

Ashley Rouse, 20: “In ten years, I see myself making movies, having children’s books published, and traveling the world, hopefully, married with kids.”

38 Brandon Theo Dorsey

Brandon Theo Dorsey, 20: “I aspire to continue as a sports journalist at either my own media outlet or a major outlet. I also would like to produce and anchor a sports show.”

31 Janee Weather

Janee Weather, 21: “I aspire to use my background in communications to change communities. I want to be the relatable media junkie that gives back.”

30 Deniqua Washington

Deniqua Washington, 19: “I aspire to leave delicate fingerprints, open doors, and be great wherever God may lead me. I aspire… to inspire.”